Periodic tickets with check-in with NFC or QR

From September 15 periodic tickets for public transport in Rybnik are available on platform by Infospread.
Rybnik is yet another city in Poland to choose to distribute smartphone periodic tickets. This is Poland’s first smartphone ticket with check-in by NFC or QR codes!


The application development team for, Infospread Polska, is starting cooperation with the PTA in Rybnik (ZTZ Rybnik). The PTA wanted to increase sales of periodic tickets on-line and make them available on a new, much more accessible than traditional ticket-media, which is the smartphone. The key, however, was to collect travel data. In Rybnik, as well as in other cities in Poland, travelers with periodic tickets register entry to the vehicle (check-in system), providing travel behavior data for the management of transport, which later is used for the analysis and optimization of timetables or vehicles use. team has designed and delivered a mobile application with the check-in function in the smartphone ticket. Check-in takes place by the NFC, or very popular today QR codes. All vehicles performing transports in Rybnik are now fitted with QR codes and NFC tags. They are placed at each entrance to the vehicle to allow passengers to comfortably use them. Zbiletem system collects data from the mobile application and sends it to the PTA. Data is later are properly processed by providing the necessary ‘how people travel’ output data.

Ticket inspection is done on-line providing 100% accuracy and security, thanks to the application provided by, which runs on both Android smartphones as well as professional Casio inspection devices used by the PTA in Rybnik.

The cooperation results in the first in Poland, a convenient smartphone ticket running within check-in system. is a solution that combines web and mobile. It is an effective distribution channel for tickets greatly increasing their availability. This facilitates travelers to purchase a ticket by shortening the process and making it easier and faster for both the purchase and start using the ticket. Ticket purchase is done on the website and the ticket is stored in the mobile app immediately after the purchase. Payments are processed by PayU, leading payment processor in Poland. The application works on Android, iOS for iPhone and Windows Phone platforms. has been operating in 9 cities in Poland. Apart from Rybnik, among others are Rzeszow, Włocławek or Inowrocław, which was the first implementation launched in August of 2015. is operated by Infospread Polska



Pressinformation: press-release_zbiletem_15092016