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On a tight schedule, expectations are high and patience is low. Since 2005 we have been helping people arrive on time, plan journeys, and pay for tickets long before smartphones made entrance into the market. With the paper timetables shelved, we carry the information wirelessly. We are delivering a new generation of smart mobile tickets for the new generation of passengers.

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Mobile bus tickets

New technology is changing the game plan for traditional travelling. A clear connection exists between efficient technical solutions and increased travelling. Searching for, and buying bus tickets via a mobile phone creates a synergy, with both the environment and the public benefiting from it. We have 510,000 active users making demands of the travel market in Sweden – changing it. Together, we make a difference.

There’s no time like the present
Introducing real time map

A new generation of technology lets you follow buses in real time. As a passenger you never need to get off at a wrong stop and you always know where the next bus is. Now you hold in your hands the answer to the everlasting question: when is that bus due?

Five more minutes
Timetables in your phone

Over the past month, three million travel searches were made by our users. Whether running late or being on time, planning ahead is important. With a timetable in your smartphone, all the times are shown with schedule deviations and updated with the latest traffic information. What you do with all the time you save is entirely up to you!

14 counties
In the same app

Start your journey in Varberg and end it in Kalmar. With our app it’s possible to buy trip that takes you across counties, and beyond.